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Could It Be Time for a New Sewer Line?

Things to Consider:

  • Old Age - Think about the age of your home - 20, 30, or even 40 years old. In that time, do you know if the sewer line has ever been replaced? Over time sewer lines and connections become more fragile due to rust, corrosion and other factors that subject them to failure. Cracks and breaks can occur, also leading to tree root intrusion. More on Root Intrusion

  • Do you experience frequent blockages? Although drain cleaners and high pressure jetter services do provide relief for these issues, sometimes it is only temporary.This could be a sign of a failing sewer line. Camera inspection of the sewer line can provide greater insight into the condition of the pipe.

  • Soggy and/or Lush Lawn - Do you notice a wet spot even when it has not been raining? That could mean a hidden sewer line leaking. Or a really lush spot in the lawn? Could be getting extra water and nutrients from fecal matter due to a broken sewer line. Yuck!

  • Be responsible. Maintain your septic system and properly address problems with failing sewer lines immediately. This protects our environment and eliminates potential health and safety hazards.

Tips for Outdoor Sewage Clean Up

  • Take immediate action - keep children and pets away, avoid direct contact, and wear rubber gloves/protective clothing. Remove any contaminated items and disinfect.

  • If minor sewage spill:

    • Isolate area to prevent further contamination

    • Sprinkle with garden lime until affected area is covered in white dust.

    • Let lime-covered areas stand for 24 hours.

    • Once dry, shovel sewage-contaminated lime into doubled, heavy-duty trash bags.

    • Wash remnants of dried lime away from the ground with a garden hose.

    • Use a hose, sprinkler, or watering can to water over the area.

    • Let the area dry in the sun for a day. Sunlight helps kill bacteria so don’t rake the affected area right away as this can slow down the process.

    • If you still see white dust from lime, water it until it disappears.

  • If major sewage spill:

    • Call an environmental waste cleanup company.

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