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Septic Inspections

Septic Tank Inspection*

Includes inspection of the surface conditions at septic tank, tank description and access, current tank operating conditions and sludge levels before pumping. After pumping, structural condition inside tank will be inspected. Note: This does not include a Lift Station Inspection (if applicable), Drain Field Inspection or non-conventional system inspection.

Sewer Line Camera Locate and/or Inspection*

Options available—Use of sewer camera to locate septic tank, and/or D-box, camera inspection of sewer lines from house to septic tank, from septic tank to D-box or lift Station, as requested. Rates based on time and complexity of inspection requested.

Lift Station Inspection (Pump Back System)

Inspection of lift station components including pump, control panel, wiring, and alarm. Alarm will be tested.


Drain Field Inspection

Options available—Use of sewer camera to locate drain field and inspect drain lines for root intrusion, etc. Water test drain field to observe absorption rate. Inspection of ground surface in drain field area. Inspection quote will be based on time and complexity of inspection requested.

*A septic tank pump out is required for this inspection. Rates for septic tank pump outs range per thousand gallons depending on location. There is an additional fee if digging is required to lid of the tank.

A report will be provided for the requested inspection based on visual observation of the septic system and is to be used for informational purposes only. Reports do not warranty or guarantee that the septic system is in operating condition.

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