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Maintaining Your Residential Septic System

Your septic system needs to be well cared for and cleaned like any other part of your home or business. Septic pumping and cleaning and septic repair should be a top priority to keep your home in good condition. At AAA Septic our team is dedicated to providing customers with the highest quality septic service in the Smith Mountain Lake and surrounding areas. No job is too big or too small. Our professional and courteous technicians are ready to meet your needs whatever the task.

AAA Septic is a full service company offering pump outs and cleaning, pump back and septic inspections adequate for real estate transactions, sludge level inspections, replacing sewer lines, clearing sewer line clogs, root removal, pump replacement and repairs in Lift Station, septic tank and system locating, distribution box replacement, drain field diagnosis and repair, excavation and riser installation. We finish every job the right way!


We take time to educate our customers on their system and how to keep it functioning properly. We take the time to involve the homeowner because the most important part of maintaining an on-site system is controlling what enters the system. See tips for maintaining your septic below and feel free to ask our technicians questions about your system.


We offer a reminder program that automatically sends out a service reminder. This is set up after your first service call with AAA Septic. 

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Questions About Septic System
On-site Sewer Professional pumping tank

Why have a Septic Inspection?

All components of a septic system are underground so it is not as easy to see where they are located or when there is a problem. Inspections provide good indicators about how a system is functioning and how it has been maintained. If you are buying a home with a septic system, know what you are getting and protect your investment by having the system inspected by a licensed professional. AAA Septic offers multiple inspections based on your needs.

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We provide septic service to Smith Mountain Lake Virginia and all surrounding areas.

Keeping Your System Healthy

Download Tips
for Maintaining Your Septic

  • Don’t flush any items except your wastewater and toilet paper. Sanitary products, paper towels, diapers, coffee grounds, and cigarette butts will clog your system and cause harm to it.

  • Don't wash anything down your sink. Your septic system was not made for food waste, especially grease and fat.

  • Reduce waste water. Repair leaks, faulty toilets, and install fixtures and appliances that conserve water.

  • Do pumping before large gatherings to prepare your system for the extra load.

  • Schedule your septic tank to be pumped or inspected every 3-5 years

  • Emergency tips - If you are experiencing any slow drainage in your home, plumbing backups, odd noises in your pipes or drains, unpleasant smells outside, or wet grass near your septic tank, call AAA Septic immediately to have your tank cleaned and/or inspected.

Need Emergency Service?

Septic System Do's and Dont's
Keep System Healthy

Depend on our experts at AAA Septic to identify and correct the problem.

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