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Riser Install

Most septic system manufacturers and septic contractors recommend that you pump your septic system every three to five years. Normally, this means digging up your yard before the pump and reburying the tank afterward. If the septic tank is not where the technician anticipated, that unfortunately means twice as much labor to dig out a new hole and locate the tank.

We recommend that every customer have direct access to their septic system. We install heavy duty name brand septic tank risers. Lids are dark green to blend in with natural landscape.

The risers we install are secured before we leave the job-site. Risers should not be opened or tampered with by anyone other than an on-site sewer system professional.  

Septic Tank Risers allow us, the on-site sewer system professionals, to access your tank directly for regular maintenance and emergency service calls. The riser pays for it self over the life of the system and takes all of the guess work out of locating your septic system.

A riser lid at grade on top of a septic tank

Schedule to have a riser installed with your next pump out:

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We provide septic service to Smith Mountain Lake Virginia and all surrounding areas.
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