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The Root Invasion

Updated: May 12, 2022

The trees are so beautiful and they provide shade for the yard. Sounds great, right? Well not such a great idea in the area of your septic system. Over time roots can invade and wreak havoc on a septic tank, sewer lines, distribution box, and drain field causing major damage. Roots are drawn to these areas because they are an added source of water, nutrients, and oxygen. The roots will grow into the lines and block their ability to drain water and waste, which consequently will cause a back-up into your home.

To correct the problem, a septic professional will come to your home to determine where the damage is located. Sewer lines will have to be dug up and replaced. If the septic tank has been infiltrated, the roots will be removed and the tank repaired, and possibly replaced. These are costly repairs that are

Roots filling a septic tank
Roots Can Wreak Havoc on a Septic Tank

for the most part can be prevented.


Know where your septic tank and drain field lines are located. Avoid planting trees or shrubs in the vicinity. Grass is the best way to cover the area. If you discover roots in the septic tank, treat with root kill immediately and remove the culprit trees or shrubs.

If you have purchased a home where trees and shrubs are already planted in the area, consider removing them before major damage can be done. In the long run this will be less costly and inconvenient than a major septic system repair or replacement.

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